NEVER MORE ALONE, to draw to a close together the five years of STANDARDS’s activities in Rennes. NEVER MORE ALONE is based on a simple exhibition’s protocol, which could be resumed and compared to the mathematics’ power rules. Four weeks of exhibition; four artists invited by STANDARDS the first week; each of them then invites four artists the second week, and so forth.

During five years we faced a work which had for main goal artistic curating, questioning its responsibilities to the presentation of artworks, the relationship of power, of authority and frontier between an artist and a curator, Conversely, for the occasion of this last show, we let it all out, leaving the responsibility of the exhibition to the hands of those who will make it.

« Until a certain moment, never more alone »

Vernissage #1 :
mardi 26 novembre à 18h30

Vernissage #2 :
mardi 3 décembre à 18h30

Vernissage #3 :
mardi 10 à décembre à 18h30

Vernissage #4 :
mardi 17 décembre à 18h30

Horaires :
Du 27 novembre au 21 décembre
Du mercredi au samedi
De 16h à 20h
Entrée libre

Adresse :
2 rue des portes Mordelaises
35000 Rennes

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